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15 Jul by redslace

Turbochargers Vs. Superchargers Debate

Interesting video show casing what a turbocharger can put down in terms of air flow. There are often physical constraints that limit how much displacement a motor may have when it comes improving performance of a vehicle, and a couple of these alterations like functionality as well as camshafts idle may increase power, but at […]
9 Sep by redslace

To vinyl Wrap a Car or Paint it?

Wrap On offers complete vinyl wrapping services for your vehicle whether you want to dig into the entire look of your vehicle and change the entire color or your just looking to change a specific panel! we are your experts and we are here to help. Our team of professionals have been in the business […]
9 Sep by redslace

Aftermarket Suspension, Coilovers and the Importance of Selecting Spring Rates

As these are somewhat a new comer to the marketplace, I needed to create an evaluation in it hoping responding to any queries about the subject together with just giving general information and photographs as one example of what these coilovers are only for. Getting experienced numerous suspension configurations within my lifetime, some good and […]
23 Jul by redslace

Rally Crashes in Italy, Scary? You Decide.

Rally is only the best when we are facing elements that are insane This can include drastic weather, challenging tracks, unreal cars, and a few of the mobile phone industry’s best motorists. There isn’t a lot more we’re able to request for! With speeds that will make the majority of us wet ourselves, these motorists […]
15 Jul by redslace

Porsche Are they the Ultimate Drivers car?

Well Porsche has done it again and than means a successor to the carrera gt introducing to my people the Porsche 918 Spyder the all brand new super car that can achieve some of the most insane speeds both accelerating and stopping. This mid-engined plug-in hybrid sports vehicle is an absolute menace, some of the […]
16 Jun by redslace

Why Alloy rims and quality wheels are important for safety.

Talking about the standard of the rim could be a difficult business for many brands that exist in the modern performance parts world, as different rims are made for various reasons, whether for performance, for looks or overall toughness. Like a repair specialist, I spend probably the most time considering how durable my aftermarket parts […]
12 Jun by redslace

Corolla Vs Supra Suspension Setups

Corolla AE86 This car is legendary in the world of street racing in Japan. Simply known as the “eight-six” or “hachi-roku” this car was the last Corolla model with a rear-wheel drive-train. The 86 was produced between 1983-1987 and is still driven today by downhill and drifting enthusiasts. There are two models of the AE86, […]
3 Feb by redslace

The Power Of Rotaries

RX-7 This legendary rotary engine machine is by far the best drifting vehicle that Mazda has created. The RX-7 has been in production since the mid eighties, but there are only two models that stand out the most. The FC3S and the FD3S. The RX-7’s engine revs very high, very fast giving it an amazing […]
1 Jan by redslace

Stock Vs Tuned Drift Cars.

Using a stock car to learn drifting is typical, but once a driver gets the drift bug they will want to tune their stock car for better performance. This is why serious drifters choose specific car models that have readily available parts and are easily modified to tuning. Some cars need serious tuning, but others […]