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9 Sep by redslace

Aftermarket Suspension, Coilovers and the Importance of Selecting Spring Rates

As these are somewhat a new comer to the marketplace, I needed to create an evaluation in it hoping responding to any queries about the subject together with just giving general information and photographs as one example of what these coilovers are only for. Getting experienced numerous suspension configurations within my lifetime, some good and […]
23 Jul by redslace

Rally Crashes in Italy, Scary? You Decide.

Rally is only the best when we are facing elements that are insane This can include drastic weather, challenging tracks, unreal cars, and a few of the mobile phone industry’s best motorists. There isn’t a lot more we’re able to request for! With speeds that will make the majority of us wet ourselves, these motorists […]
12 Jun by redslace

Corolla Vs Supra Suspension Setups

Corolla AE86 This car is legendary in the world of street racing in Japan. Simply known as the “eight-six” or “hachi-roku” this car was the last Corolla model with a rear-wheel drive-train. The 86 was produced between 1983-1987 and is still driven today by downhill and drifting enthusiasts. There are two models of the AE86, […]
28 May by redslace

Selecting the best Drift car for 2015

Since the Fast and Furious movie about drifting in Tokyo, it has become a well-known term for anyone that likes this kind of racing. As well as those who just like fast cars and risky street racing. Drift racing actually was born on the mountain roads in Japan, followed by the first round of D1GP […]
1 Jan by redslace

Stock Vs Tuned Drift Cars.

Using a stock car to learn drifting is typical, but once a driver gets the drift bug they will want to tune their stock car for better performance. This is why serious drifters choose specific car models that have readily available parts and are easily modified to tuning. Some cars need serious tuning, but others […]