Corolla Vs Supra Suspension Setups

12 Jun by Audrey Fields

Corolla Vs Supra Suspension Setups

Corolla AE86
This car is legendary in the world of street racing in Japan. Simply known as the “eight-six” or “hachi-roku” this car was the last Corolla model with a rear-wheel drive-train. The 86 was produced between 1983-1987 and is still driven today by downhill and drifting enthusiasts. There are two models of the AE86, the Levin (Lightning) and the Trueno (Thunder). The Levin has static headlights while the Trueno has retractable lights.

Drifting while in this car is known to be one of the most fun experiences a drift racer can have and it isn’t because the eight-six is powerful because it isn’t. The car only delivers 130hp, but it’s the balance of the car that is important. Drivers often say it feels like they can control a well tuned eight-six as though it was there own body. This precision while drifting is paramount among all else, especially on the downhill where too much power can be detrimental to your overall time.

When someone is asked to think of a Toyota drift car the first thought that often comes to their mind is the Supra. Most of the rear-wheel drive vehicles of the 80s and early 90s were being changed into front-wheel drive vehicles for civilian non-racing consumption and this left a market open for racers who still wanted rear-wheel drive-train cars for drifting the downhill. The Supra is that car and is Toyota’s competitor up against Nissan’s Skyline GT-R.

The Supra is not a cheap car as far as drifting vehicles are concerned, but the engine can withstand tuning upwards of 500hp+ making it a worth while investment for any serious driver.

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