The Power Of Rotaries

3 Feb by Audrey Fields

The Power Of Rotaries

This legendary rotary engine machine is by far the best drifting vehicle that Mazda has created. The RX-7 has been in production since the mid eighties, but there are only two models that stand out the most. The FC3S and the FD3S. The RX-7’s engine revs very high, very fast giving it an amazing sound that every driver has to love. The placement of this drifting legend’s engine creates a perfectly balanced machine. Due to the popularity of this vehicle it is still relatively easy to get the parts you will need outside of Japan.

The RX-8 was designed to be the successor to the RX-7, however it is a 4-door rather than a 2-door coupe. The weight distribution of the vehicle is good which makes it a solid drifting machine, but it lacks a turbocharger which is really what made the RX-7 as famous as it has become. A new model of the RX-8 has been released that has 6 gears and up to 230 HP, but it still pales in comparison to the drifting king that its older brother is.

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