Why Alloy rims and quality wheels are important for safety.

16 Jun by Audrey Fields

Why Alloy rims and quality wheels are important for safety.

Talking about the standard of the rim could be a difficult business for many brands that exist in the modern performance parts world, as different rims are made for various reasons, whether for performance, for looks or overall toughness. Like a repair specialist, I spend probably the most time considering how durable my aftermarket parts are, are they going to bend, crash, explode under strenuous conditions? After all anytime we are dealing with rims we are talking about what plants our power to the ground, gives us traction and allows us to steer. They are kind of important.

Most alloy rims are comprised of the metal aluminum alloy, Take Enkei Wheels for example that uses aluminum in all of their wheel builds. Aluminium is strong and readily available for companies that are looking to mass produce a product. Last week we took to reviewing a couple different brands of wheels and one of those wheels that are being built by a new company based out of California. We wanted to test durability and cracks under impacts which will only bend much softer wheels. The very best rims occupy a middle ground between both of these hugely vast conditions.

As I have ample client base that like rims mainly for, or size, or perhaps “bling,” the huge most of my clients are daily car enthusiasts and or owners who would like good tough rims that won’t cost them a ton of money to help keep straight and searching right. We decided to put these wheels to the test, we purchases a single rim and literally drove it around the track, testing the durability for a track-day at spruce meadows. Well one thing is for sure, the rims held up, they withstood all of our tests keeping a consistent 500hp on the ground at all times.. We didn’t experience any breaks cracks or anything else of that matter.

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